• Jazz Smollett Warwell

Classic Chilli

Sometimes you just want some chili!! Maybe because I came down with the unexpected cold last week and am just now getting over it or maybe my understanding of the seasons is way off oh is it July already?! Sorry... pregnancy brain 2 years later. Even though its Summer here in LA and even hotter in the Valley, I nevertheless decided to make this chill recipe so here it is!

This is my family chili recipe and its the best! Coming from yours truly, The Bean Queen.


The Bean Queen (May I reign Forever)...Recipe below

3 Pounds of ground turkey

1 Onion

1 tbs Olive oli

5 tbs ground cumin

2 tsp salt

1½ tbs onion powder

1½ tbs garlic powder

2½ tsp coriander

2 tbs oregano

4 cans cut tomatoes

2 cans kidney beans

2 cans black beans

3 tbs chile powder (This is made from a dried chile ground to a powder)

1 tbs chili powder blend (This is a mix of spices, including chile)

3 tbs tomato paste

6 oz of cheddar cheese (for topping)

3 Green Onions (for topping)

6 oz sour cream or plain yogurt (for topping)