• Jazz Smollett-Warwell

Beer Tasting & Candy Dip Station For Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!!! Ever since I became a mom, halloween has become cute and innocent. No more goons, goblins, and blood (for now at least while I'm a toddler mom). I have now become way more interested in cute little smiling ghosts, funny face pumpkins, and trick or treating during early evening. I know many other couples with young children whose wild halloween party nights have been reduced to snacking on the kids' candy after putting their little goblins to bed, unless you can find a sitter of course. But the party doesn't have to stop it just changed to better fit our lifestyle because lets be real, I would feel displaced at a loud club party with drunk people falling all over shouting "trick or treat." I turn into a pumpkin nowadays by 10:30.

So I decided to start a new tradition as of last year. We host a gathering of friends in our neighborhood who have kids around the same age. We have dinner and refreshments and beer tasting for the grownups! Its such fun and gives us a way to socialize while still having kiddos with us. We then all parade around and take the kiddos out trick or treating around the neighborhood.

The beer tasting is really official because we gather a variety of artisan beers and my husband gives a brief presentation on each one (basically he reads the back of the bottle and lets us know what notes to taste for). We then get a taste of each one at a time and it brings up great discussion on which ones we like best and what different flavors we notice. Great party conversation.

I also of course have plenty of refreshments and food and fun things for the kids to eat. The above is my pumpkin dip candy station. Its super easy to do...see the directions below.

More holidays to come!!

Fall is such a great time to celebrate and make new memories. Its fun to notice the new flavors that grace our meals and the way the air changes and becomes crisp with the smell of a new season. The warmth of family and friends around for any occasion is always such fun. Its the celebration of life...I love this season because there are so many opportunities to host a variety of celebrations.

Love and happy celebrating!!


Pumpkin Dip Candy Station

  • Melt 12 Ounces each of Butterscotch, Bittersweet Chocolate, and White Chocolate

  • Cut the top off of three pumpkins and scrape out the seeds and hairy part with a spoon.

  • Then line each pumpkin with wax paper and trim the extra paper off the top.

  • Fill each pumpkin with one of the above melted items

  • Cut up various fruit for dipping. Also use pretzels sticks, pretzel twists, and marshmellows.

  • Display your various toppings in individual serving cups and enjoy!

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