• Jazz Smollett-Warwell

Candy Kettle Popcorn For Halloween

Candy Kettle Popcorn

More Halloween!!! This idea is simply to get your favorite lightly salted bagged popcorn from the

market and toss it with butterscotch morsels and black and orange m&ms (which

you can find at party city or pretty much any candy shop where they sell bulk

candies. They will often have the m&ms separated by color). You can also use other candies such as candy corn which would be super cute as well!

This is a take on kettle corn since the candy adds the sweet and the salted popcorn adds the salty!

To make the paper cone holders for the candy popcorn, I bought a basic package of

construction paper and rolled it into a cone then secured it with clear tape. They are

displayed in a wire basket I found at one of my favorite stores homegoods.

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