• Jazz Smollett-Warwell

Odd Inspiration

I think this is a good time to breathe. I woke this morning in shock, disbelief, with feelings of post trauma and denial. What does this mean about where we are headed? What kind of society will my daughter grow up in? How will we ever make sense of the decision to elect the very symbol of the problematic top 1%, self centered, bigoted, gluttonous patriarchy to lead the free world? Does the majority of the country really condone threats of old fashioned hate, walls built, people denied constitutional rights based on religion, or the demeaning of womanhood? Don't we have a responsibility to do better? To provide a better example? Triggered by memories of my ancestors, (Jews, Blacks and my foremothers) I became really suspicious of our countrymen and women.

I want to move to anger or at the very least to Canada. Then I realize, I need to scale it back.

This may very well be our wake up call. A mirror to our society to show us what we have been creating, what we have been indulging in and unintentionally feeding. Can we shift the energy that we are feeding? Is this our opportunity for the next phase of human evolution? How we show up in our lives at this moment may be what really determines the future we leave to our children.

I will not solve the worlds problems this morning, in a day, a week, a four year presidential term or even a lifetime but what I can do is start where I am. I am me. I will always be me. My sense of self can not be bought, co-opted or controlled by an election.

I feel an odd sense of inspiration to love from the inside out. To change the world from within. To move deeper into the things that feed my soul. To create more community, a supporting village, a tribe. To connect on a deeper level to those I love and to the meaningful things that make us feel alive. We can practice creating more love, connection, and peace in our homes. This feels like a moment to show up and pull up from strength, to love deeper, to communicate consciously, to give away smiles and to empower the world through empowering ourselves, our homes, our families and communities with love.

I want to wrap everyone in a big blanket and say it will be alright. That we are all on the same team, born from the same body, from the same creator. I think this is the moment. This is the dynamic culture shift we need right now. We need to do what we can to represent what we want our nation to look like right now. If you have ever witnessed the end or the beginning of life, what is the most crucial bare minimum? Its love. So maybe we should get back to the basics and start there. That is what I intend to do. That is the journey I will be on.

With Love & Humility,