• Jazz Smollett

Cookies and Sugar and Sprinkles Oh My!!

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Upon deciding to bake holiday cookies with my little one again and again this season, I learned a lot.

Do you know how to make these cute little sprinkles stick to cookies? Well I did not. Maybe because we never put them on cookies in my house when I was a kid (I know, how deprived was I?!)

Just kidding mom. We always baked my mom's yummy oatmeal raisin cookies, there was no need for sprinkles on those. But when Nylah and I decided to make cookies for her friends this year and place them in the little cute tins we found at the dollar store, I wanted to try a variety of cookies. We baked double chocolate chip cookies, lemon tea cookies, and these gingerbread cookies with sprinkles. All the recipes were from an old cookbook we've had called Mama Dip's Kitchen.

I couldn't figure out how to get the sprinkles to stick, so I tried a couple things. Then I finally got it..I mixed a little bit of confectioners sugar with a little water and brushed the top of each cookie with the mixture then sprinkled the sugar on and of course it stuck! Of course..makes sense right?! Well you live and learn.

I also realized how much I love the holidays and creating these special traditions and memories with my little one. This time moves so fast and I don't want to miss a minute of it as impossible as that is. At least we will always have these memories to look back on when time has gotten away from us. When she's at college and I am desperately finding a reason to visit every weekend. Every season has an opportunity to create wonderful moments together and one of the most exciting things about parenthood is sharing days with a little wide eyed toddler who sees everything as new and magical. It's such a blessing to see the world new through her eyes. I continue to learn and grow from being her mom. Thanks Nylah baby!

Love, cookie dough, and sugar kisses