• Jazz Smollett

Good Cheer, Cupcakes and Gumbo!

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Spiced and cream cheese frosted cupcakes. Sorry these are Betty Crocker from the box but they are amazing! There was way too much to do to make them from scratch. Thank you Betty Crocker! Love you much.

I love these days! Hosting Christmas with lots of family and friends gathered in our home and cooking over my stove in a crowded kitchen (why does everyone gather in the kitchen?!) Here is my brother, jake working his magic over this huge steaming pot of Mom's Gumbo. I am behind working on my béchamel sauce for mac and cheese. Food, food, and more food.

No all of the gifts do not belong to my child! We opened family gifts that morning. These were for the secret Santa game we play every year and yes unfortunately some of them are gag gifts! My husband is the king of this game. He goes over the top every year (If someone opens a gift of an empty roll of toilet tissue, I know who its from ha!) How cute is Nylah's little Christmas dress from her Grandma?!

My table setting was inspired by candy and old time Christmas from my childhood. The vases are filled with cotton candy and the centerpiece is made of a tower of cupcakes. My favorite flowers, Peonies are gorgeous as bookends. I am obsessed with plaid this season because it has a very warm, homie feel that reminds me of Christmases past. I found the cute reindeer napkin rings on and the plates shockingly are from the dollar store because I saw them and thought they were cute. The mini gingerbread houses are also from the dollar store. So truth be told, the dollar store is right next to Nylah's tots and tutus ballet class so it was a very convenient trip to pick up lots of supplies a couple weeks ago.

That's me! Glass of red wine in my hand and ready to host this gathering of thirty people. Don't worry, there are other tables behind the camera. Room for everyone!

Love, Gumbo, & Family Gatherings,