• Jazz Smollett

Girl Child

Today is International Women's Day and as I reflect on all that it means to me to be a woman and a feminist, I hope mostly that I am passing on a sense of self love to my daughter. I hope I am raising her to be a true feminist. One who knows her worth. One who bows to no man, woman, or ideology but finds the courage to seek and voice her own truth so that she may contribute her own unique gifts to the world. I hope I am raising a feminist who knows her beauty is no less precious or magical than the flowers that bloom or the sky that covers all the world. I hope that when she has the urge to compare herself, or faces comparisons made by others, that she will have the confidence to know its not about her. I hope she knows that the beauty within her is too deep to be consumed commoditized or engulfed by the greed, ignorance or disdain of those who do not understand the true value of the feminine.

I hope that she knows that her strength is in her love and vulnerability to the higher power that created her. I hope she knows her inner voice is her best guide. I hope she finds the courage to speak up and speak out in the face of adversity, that she honors her health, dances in the wind, and defines her own success. I hope she knows that emotional intelligence is not a sign of weakness. That being in touch with her emotions and intuition is not illogical nor is it ineffective but is, in fact, itself a gift. I hope that she knows that we can define a new normal in which the feminine and masculine are equally valued and that her feminine power is not defined in terms of masculinity. She will know that she does not have to adhere to a patriarchy view or version of feminism. Feminine power is not simply masculine power in women's clothing; it is its own true divine power. The integration of the feminine into all aspects of life is beneficial to all. We need all voices heard in order to have a balanced world.

Of course I don't expect her to know or remember all these things all the time but these are the seeds I hope to plant in her. I hope she will know that part of knowing her worth is understanding that she will sometimes fall but that she is worthy of her own self compassion and kindness. She will know that she can always take the space she needs to process, heal, and grow.

I hope she will know that when she falls, she can fall into my arms, if she chooses to, and without judgment my love will be there to hold her. I hope my love helps her feel supported and encouraged. I hope in those moments she feels the power of those who came before us, of her ancestors, and the strength of all that is divine within her. I hope the strength, creativity, and warmth of the mother within me will remind her of her value and the strength of her own feminine wisdom.

Although she is only 2.6 years of age and does not know the breadth of what the world has to offer, I hope that she will assume that she is as crucial to this world as the air that we all breathe.

I hope that she can fall back on the confidence and comfort she currently has in her own skin. That she lets no one or nothing shut her down or permanently break her spirit. I hope she continues knowing she has a special voice in the world and a special gift to offer. This is my wish for my beautiful beloved girl child and all of our girl children who hold the power to change the world by being defiantly vocal and defiantly themselves.