• Jazz Smollett

Strawberry Fields Forever

Yesterday we went strawberry picking at a local farm! I have probably said it before, but I am obsessed with farms. It could be because of my love of exploring nature or it could be the lure of all that is foreign. I grew up in big cities (New York and Los Angeles to be exact) so the slower pace of farm life is something I often long for. I frequently daydream about moving to a farm somewhere, raising my own crops and spending the day feeding chickens. On said farm, I would spend my evenings reading books on the porch and drinking tea or lemonade depending on the time of year. If there are any farmers reading this, I'm sure they think I am delusional because farming is probably a lot more work than my imagination allows. Nevertheless, I will one day live and work on a farm even if its only for a moment in time. For now, I love taking my little one who relishes in picking (and immediately eating) her own fruit. Its so much fun to see her light up when she finds a perfectly red and ripe strawberry or when she realizes that strawberries grow from the ground rather than on trees. These are the best times, exploring with my little girl, knowing that we are creating moments that will live in our hearts for a lifetime. I like to think that with each deep breath of fresh air, each slowly taken step down a dirt road, each hug and twirl in strawberry fields, that we are creating a peace and stillness in life; a gratitude for the moments we get to share together.

Here's to memories created and farm dreams sustained!

With Love,