• Jazz Smollett

True Freedom

What are you currently reading?

I sleep with books in my bed because I’m a bit messy like that and because I read parts of several books before falling asleep. Freedom Is A Constant Struggle by Angela Davis is one of the books I am currently reading. This title alone is so powerful. We never really arrive at this goal of freedom in society. We are always striving towards it. it’s something that must constantly be sought after and we have many relevant outward struggles towards this goal today.

But this is true of internal freedom too I think. We can’t get complacent. Internal freedom isn’t about lack of attempted external imprisonments but is the knowledge that we truly are free no matter what. We all have freedom of choice which is why we are responsible for our own actions (and words) and the energy we choose to release into our world. We don’t have to be on a pendulum of reactivity where we can only react according to how other forces (situations or people) trigger us to act. We can always choose freedom from the pendulum. This is done internally though. We will never be able to stop people from brushing up against our egos, intentionally or unintentionally. We are all just people but we can choose our own reactions and inner conflict. This is a constant practice that we are always striving towards. Freedom starts WITH us because freedom starts IN us. Okay so that became stream of consciousness! 😂 What was my initial thought? (Scrolls up)....Oh yes what are you reading? 📸